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Breaking Down a Level 2 Piece

Silent Night for Level 2

There are lots of questions about how to teach Step by Step pieces.

Here's a breakdown:

8 Steps
6 notes, maximum per Step
3-4 time
Hardest rhythm: dotted quarter-eighth note
Range: Middle C to double up E 
Hands used: All fingers of both hands
Counting: 1+2+3+
Average time for a 6 year old to learn a Step: 3-6 minutes
Number of Steps per 30 minute lesson: 4-5
Number of lessons to learn the piece: 2

When teaching the piece, it is important that your students count out loud from the very beginning. The idea is that the piece ins't hard, but the counting out loud is. Use these easier pieces to teach your students to count aloud and figure out rhythms and you will be really happy you did. 

20 repetitions is also a good idea. Yes, it takes time, but these sections are pretty short, and by the time a student has learned this piece, playing other pieces with the dotted quarter-eighth note rhythm will be much easier.

Ask your students at the end of a Step how hard it was. You may be surprised at the answers. Adults will give much different answers than children, and it may not be what you expect.

As a student is going through the repetitions, wait until you see that the student can play the Step without mistakes, then have her play louder, softer, staccato...

What about learning the steps out of order? Tear a paper into 8 pieces and write a different number on the steps. Pick one at a time and learn them that way. How does it effect the learning?

Use the Steps as a demonstration on how to practice. Steps are the least amount of measures required to learn a piece. If measures are repeated, they aren't repeated in individual Steps.

If you have questions about Steps or anything else, just email us through the contact us page, No treble at all:-)